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Sold Used Glimakra looms

This only lists previously looms and is provided as a resource for sellers/buyers. If you wish to list a used Glimakra product, please contact us.

100cm Vertical Countermarch Standard Loom Sold April 2018: $3960

For Sale: 39" (100cm) 10 X 10 vertical countermarch Standard loom with thin treadles - $3960 (20% off the retail price)

This much loved loom has been on display in our Glimakra USA showroom for the past three years. It has been lightly used for demonstrations and weaving classes. It is a 10 shaft, 10 treadle loom in excellent condition and comes with all the accessories needed to get you started:

-a 25" Glimakra bench

-Texsolv tie-ups and heddles

-instruction booklets

-your choice of reed up to 15 dents per inch

-tie on bars

-lease sticks

-warp sticks

-shaft pins

-shaft holders

-cord threader

-sley hook

-shuttle with extra quills.

This loom is located at our Glimakra warehouse in Eugene, Oregon. We have Glimakra accessories and weaving equipment, as well as an assortment of yarns that can be purchased separately to be shipped with the loom.

You are welcome to pick up the loom directly from our warehouse. Depending on the distance, we may also be able to arrange for delivery. For longer distances we can ship through our freight service, but the buyer must pay shipping costs.

Payment can be made upon pick up or online by square invoice. Please contact Glimakra USA directly if you would like to purchase this loom, or if you have any questions!

Glimakra Standard Countermarch Loom 150 cm. (59 in.) Sold Jan. 2018

8 harness/10 treadles

3 reeds: 6, 10, 15 dpi; Texsolv heddles

Includes: bench, shuttles, bobbins, warping board..

Purchased new in 1995, in like-new condition.

Located in Colorado, buyer responsible for shipping costs.


Glimakra Standard 120 cm Loom Sold 10-2017 for $ 2,345

Circa 1980s loom in search of home in a weaving studio where it will get regular exercise. Unassembled and in controlled storage for several years. Counterbalance (not countermarche) (see photo of drall pulleys) with 8 harnesses and 10 treadles. No photo available as loom is not set up at this time. Includes adjustable height bench, warping frame, string heddles, 5 and 12 dent reeds, 2 apron and lease sticks, 24 warping sticks and three boat shuttles with 6 bobbins. Has original parts and assembly instructions. Needs tie-up kit.

Located near Omaha, NE, metro area. Payment preferred by cash (for pick up) or check cleared before shipping. Shipping or pick up responsibility of buyer. 

Glimakra Ideal 100cm Loom SOLD 4-2017

I acquired this loom in 1975 and have enjoyed using it and caring for it. It is in excellent condition with the one exception of minor water stains on two of the feet. I have used it in the Countermarch configuration, but it also has the horses, etc. for use as Counterbalance. It has 6 shafts and 6 treadles, plus two extra treadles. All the original linen heddles, tie-up cords, lease and warp sticks, non-skid foot covers, and the original adjustable Glimakra bench are included. There are two reeds (10 & 12 dpi), 8 shuttles (4 rug, 3 boat and 1 stick) plus multiple bobbins, 2 threading hooks and a wooden tapestry comb, as well. Presently, the loom parts and accessories are bubble-wrapped for shipping, although shipping is not included in the price. The loom is in Westerly, RI

Glimakra Ideal 100cm Loom SOLD 5-2017 $1900

I have owned this loom since 1974, and have been its only owner. I have used it, gently and lovingly, in the countermarch configuration, but it is also equipped for use as counterbalance. It has all its original parts, including warp and cloth beams, ratchet wheels, hanging beater and adjustable bench. The original 1000 Texsolv heddles and tie-up cords, two lease sticks, two shaft holders, six shafts and lams, eight treadles, four rubber feet and 36 warp beam sticks. There are two reeds: 10 DPI and 12 DPI. There are also four horses for counterbalance weaving. I also include the following accessories: 12 shuttles (4 rug, 5 stick and 3 boat with several bobbins), 2 threading hooks, 1 raddle and lease rods. The loom is presently bubble-wrapped for shipping, but the shipping is not included in the price.

8-SHAFT, 10-TREADLE with TEXSOLV PARTS  SOLD 4/2017 for $2500
Originally purchased circa 1982 – first owner, excellent condition
Original manuals and all original heddles, lease sticks, etc. included
Adjustable original Glimakra bench,

New Looms of this kind are $5000.00

Pre-Owned Recent Sales $2600.00

43 inch 8 Harness Countermarch Glimakra Standard Loom SOLD 1/2017

    Price: $2500

    Purchased: late 1970’s- in good condition Includes: Adjustable bench, Manual Counterbalance tie up, warping board Shuttles, lease sticks, and 5 reeds (6, 10, 12, 16 & 18 dents) Location: Portland Oregon

Ideal loom for sale, $1750 REDUCED $1400 SOLD

I purchased this beautiful Glimakra loom new in the early 1970s
and used it through the 80s; it has been carefully stored since.
It is disassembled and can be picked up in Santa Fe, NM.
It is a countermarch loom, 100 cm, 4 shaft, 6 treadle, with bench.
It includes all original parts, string heddles, warp sticks, lease sticks, non-skid feet, plus accessories:
3 shuttles,
Leclerc bobbins and winder,
a handmade but serviceable warp board,
2 reeds (10 and 12 dpi), 72” swift,
threading hook,
and wooden tapestry comb.


Glimakra 60″ Standard horizontal countermarche loom SOLD
8 shafts, 10 treadles, $2,400

Texsolve Heddles & Tie ups
Warp Sticks
6 Reeds — 5,6,8,10,12 & 15 Dent
Shaft Holders
5 – 12# Steel Beater Weights
Glimĺkra Assembly Video & written instructions
In very good condition. Located in Presque Isle (far north central), Wisconsin. Shipping or pick up responsibility of buyer.




Vintage Glimakra Sovereign Loom, 250cm (96 inches) wide.

Imported from Sweden. In very good condition, complete with all parts,

extra heddles,harnesses and sliding bench.

Adapted with sectional warp beam.

Used for large tapestries. Also great for blankets.

For sale by original owner, located south of Boston in MA.

Glimakra “Standard” loom 120 cm SOLD

47″ weaving area
Single warp beam
4 shaft, 6 treadle
Bench, lease sticks, warp sticks, extra heddles, and Counterbalance pulleys included
Excellent condition
Currently has black rug warp threaded. Ready for test drive.
Located in the Akron/Canton/Cleveland, Ohio, area


39” 4-Shaft, 6 Treadle Glimakra Standard Countermarche Loom $2000.

In excellent condition, original owner, used once. Purchased new in the 1980s. The 39” weaving width loom includes non-skid rubber feet, a separate adjustable bench, 10 dent reed, tensioning box (new still in box), string heddles, rag and stick shuttles, warp beam packing strips, and lots of lease sticks. Outside dimensions: 50.25”W x 69’H x 55”D. It can be dismantled for moving.

Located in Middlefield, Western Massachusetts.






-Built in Sweden, imported to Canada in 1979.
-Countermarch set-up, 10 harnesses(shafts), 10 treadles.
-All the equipment (unused) for converting to a 10-harness , 63-inch width, counterbalance set-up.
-Cotton string heddles.
-Linen tie-up cords – likely should be replaced using Texsolv tie-up kit available from Glimakra.
-Warp beams for double warp beam set-up.
-4 lease sticks, 100 63-inch warp sticks, 1 homemade raddle.
-2 63-inch capacity wood temples.
-5 63-inch reeds – 4, 5, 6, 8 or 12 dents per inch.
-45 inch wide bench that came with the loom.
-4 16-inch boat shuttles with a supply of plastic bobbins.
-Reason for selling – down-sizing – after 35 years of working together the loom is still in great shape
but my body isn’t up to what we used to do together.
-Price: $3,000.00 US dollars; $3,500.00 Canadian dollars.
-Location: near Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada.
-Pick-up, delivery or shipping open for discussion.


Glimakra Standard Countermarche loom, 120 cm (47″) SOLD

4 shaft, 6 treadle, cotton string heddles.
Very good condition, original owner since mid 1970s. Includes 8 dent reed, bench, warp beam packing sticks, lease sticks, nonskid rubber feet. Overall 54″W, 64″ D, 69″ H. $1850.
Pick up only in East Tennessee.


135 cm (54 inch) Glimakra Standard with drawlooms

54 inch (135 cm) Glimakra standard with combination drawloom & with Myrehed shaft drawloom Attachment.
Gently used and in very good shape. My wife (co-weaver) died in 2006 and I just have not been able to get back into weaving.
Located in Bozeman MT.
contact at for details

IDEAL LOOMprice reduced!

This is a wonderful little loom. It’s a 70 cm Ideal purchased new about 4 years ago. It has had only minimal use. Included is:

8 shaft, 8 treadle
Countermarche and Counterbalance both.
48 warp sticks
10 dent reed
Lease sticks
Shaft holders
Instruction book

Located in Grand Rapids, Michigan

I would prefer pick up. Shipping is not included.



Glimakra 60″ Regina Loom for sale

In Bellingham WA
*Good conditions, one owner, can be removed already warped
The loom was purchased in new in 1988 and has had only one owner. It comes with a warping board attached. $1500.00*

60 inch tapestry loom
60 inch tapestry loom


47″ Standard Countermarsh Glimakra for Sale New Mexico

Selling my Glimakra Standard Countermarsh loom. This is a wonderful, smooth, easy weaving loom! 10 shaft and 10 treadles. horizontal countermarch Includes lease sticks, bench, four reeds (6, 8, 10, and 20 dpi), brake release, warp sticks, and non-skid feet. It has the Vavstuga tie up system installed, which allows all treadle tie ups to be done from the front. Wonderful! Includes all original documentation and Vavstuga book.

I am the original owner. It is about 9 years old and has always been in a smoke free home.

$2600 located in Placitas NM (near Albuguerque)

Please reply by e-mail Pick-up only, no shipping. Cash only, please.




60″ REGINA Tapestry loom–like new

Glimakra Regina Tapestery loom – Dimensions 60 inches wide by 5 feet tall. Includes 11 weaving books with weaving tools(see pictures) plus over $280 worth of yarn purchased and hardly used. Also will include a 3 foot floor loom. The Gilmakra loom was barely used by our dad(recently passed) that was diagnosed with lung cancer shortly after purchasing in Houston Texas about 5 years ago. The Tapestery loom is currently setup in our parents home in Austin Texas and will remain setup until sold. Will need to schedule pickup only. $1700 OBO Email Phillip

The Tapestery loom is currently setup in Austin Texas and will remain setup until sold. Will need to schedule pickup only. Email Phillip




For Sale; 60″ Glimakra “upright” 2 shaft, 2 treadle Regina tapestry Loom.

Must be partially disassembled for removal from my studio.
Location: . Phone
Price $1700.00.

tapestry loom
tapestry loom



20 harness Damask attachment for 54” Standard loom (can be cut down to any smaller Standard loom). It is an attachment from 1980’s or 90’s, with complete assembly instructions in English. One owner. It works with horizontal CM or with CounterBalance.
I will include about 1500 heddles each at least, of pattern heddles and longeyed ground heddles. Texsolv.
The loom is currently set up with the attachment (but only 10 harnesses) since I just have woven two big table cloths on it, and there is enough warp left to try it out. It will only be set up for while longer, since I want to use the loom for other projects.
It is located in Berkeley, California.
$950 including all the heddles

Please contact me at

110 cm Standard loom in Wisconsin

Glimakra Standard Countermarch Loom and Bench, in good to excellent condition
10 shafts and 10 treadles, 110 cm / 43.5” weaving width
New 10 dent stainless steel reed, 44”
Sectional warp beam (can convert to a plain beam)
600 Texsolv heddles and Texsolv cords for treadle tie-ups
2 lease sticks, raddle made to fit the loom
Instructions, Mallet & Threading Tool
30 warp packing sticks
Oak warping board

Overall dimensions are 52”W x 62”D x 68”T. Made in the early 1980’s.
The loom is located in Edgerton, Wisconsin. Local pick-up only.
Price: $2600

If you are interested, please email

Glimakra Loom for Sale in Wisconsin: 60″ weaving width

–10 treadle, 8 shaft
–10 dent and 12 reed included
–DVD of assembly
— Bench
Excellent condition. Photo pending

Lois 414.357-

great 100 cm Glimakra Ideal loom for sale.

Glimakra Ideal loom for sale. 39 inch weaving width, 10 shaft and 10 treadles. 5 to 7 years old and very lightly used. Started out as a display in a shop, purchased but never used, and I am the second owner but has only been with me for 6 months and 2 projects. It just doesn’t fit into my home. It has a 12 dent reed, bench with a sheep pelt cover, instruction books, rubber and stadig feet, extra texsolv cording and anchor pins, shaft holders and cord threader. $1800 plus shipping or you can pick it up in Idaho Falls, ID.

Ideal loom in Idaho

Ideal loom in Idaho



We have for sale, an Ideal loom which was used for display. It is approx 3 years old, but looks new.

10 shafts 10 treadles, countermarch $3,900, shipping included lower 48

Comes with everything you would get with a new loom, reed (8 or 10 dent), 1,000 Texsolv heddles, Texsolv tie-up kit, 24 warp sticks, instruction books and a boat shuttle.

IDEAL 100 cm

IDEAL 100 cm




I do not have room for this darling great loom any more. this 27′ is
from the early 70’s . I have owned it for almost 2 years, it’s history
before me is unknown. It has a warp release lever with a pulley which is
unique and not available on any of the later models. it is also shorter
in height than the later ideal models. this little loom has seen lots
of use but there is NO warping or NO cracks , i loved weaving on it, it
so comfortable and quiet.There are some water stains from a decades old
owner. somewhere ; i left them , they could probably be refinished, but
i liked the the feeling of the loom and how it is with all of it’s
history. i switched it all out with new texsolv .
Counterbalance 4 harness 6 treadle ( with 4 more new harnesses)
brand new assembled never used second back beam
32″ original bench
brand new threading holders for the reed and lease sticks never used.
new warping sticks never used
3 pairs of lease sticks two pairs never used
2 new reeds 8 and 12 dent 12 still in it’s package
all new texsolv tie up with the similar “bead vavstuga” configuration
all ready ready done.
4 brand new additional extra harnesses with new texsolv heddles 400 total
the glimakra loom book
and more $2,200
PICK UP ONLY (i will not ship this loom) located 40 miles out side of
San Jose California.
if you go on your laptop, or desk top( NOT YOUR TABLETS OR MOBILE DEVICES)
you can see more photos and lots of in in the text descriptions either
below each photo or in the margins to the right go here
contact Jill;

ideal 27

ideal 27

Ideal 27

Ideal 27″




Regina Loom and stuff in Vermont…

Regina 60" Tapestry/Rug Loom $1700.00
Excellent condition
Purchased sometime after 1985- one owner
Includes partial skeins and spools of wool, some silk approx. 3000g, various colors
Includes 3 beaters and 3 tapestry bobbins 
The bench in the photo is not included.
Shipping to be paid by purchaser
Please contact Annemarie North at <a href=""></a>


The following are other items, distaff, shuttles, threads and yarns which are for sale. There are more threads and yarns (cottolin, linen, hand spun linen, wool) which are not in these photos. Contact the seller to inquire about these items.




110cm Aktiv loom (Standard)

** 4 shafts, 6 treadles, 70s or older
** bench
** horizontal countermarch with cord tie-ups
** hand tied heddles
** includes counterbalance pulleys and beam
** metal beams
** release lever
Can have more shafts and treadles added up to 10

call for details:
Located in Manhatten Kansas, West of Kansas City





Here is a Glimakra Fly Shuttle

This fly shuttle beater fits a Glimakra Standard 59”/150 cm loom. It is complete as and includes bottom beater with fly shuttle boxes, top pivot beam, pull ropes, attaching hardware, heavy metal beater accessory attachment and assembly instructions. I have used this and it works just fine. It does require utilization your looms original beater uprights and beater cap.

Location Zanesville, Ohio. Can pick up or will deliver within 50 miles. Packaging and shipping are not included in price. Contact Roy @ or call (614) 256-9555.

$650.00 firm.

150 cm fly
150 cm fly


Glimakra Standard Loom for Sale – $3,000

59″ Weaving Width, 10 harnesses, 12 treadles
Countermarche and counterbalance

Includes adjustable bench, loom basket, 6 carbon steel reeds (5, 6, 8, 10,
12, 15 epi, 60″ wide), Glimakra reed holder, instruction book, warp sticks,
1,000 Teslov heddles plus 400 cotton heddles, heddle rack, spool rack,
Harrisville warping reel (2 yds around and 30″ vertical winding space),
unopened spool of Teslov cord, 4 Glimakra rug shuttles, 3 wood temples (2
Glimakra, 1 Leclerc) covering from 12″ to 55″ width, complete set of
Handwoven Magazines from 1979 to present plus many weaving books and other
magazines, stash of linen, cotton, wool thread.

Loom purchased in 1981, shows some wear on beater bar and front and back
beams, but otherwise nearly new. In good working condition. Would prefer
purchaser to pick up, but willing to deliver within 75 miles of Allentown,
PA. Otherwise, packing and shipping is responsibility of purchaser.
Contact: Carol at sdy@yom


Sought after Regina 60″ Tapestry/Rug Loom for sale – $1800

Purchased new, kept inside, and lightly used.

Comes with:

– Assembly manual

– Assembly tools

– Warping sticks

– Lease sticks

– Threading hook

– Built-in warping board on back

– Six hinged treadles – two sheds

– Accessory shelf

– Bench

– 3 – 60″ Reeds – Sizes 4, 6, and 8

And more

– Please email t for more information. The loom is in Arizona. Shipping is not included.




Material: Swedish Pine

Dimensions: 43 inches x 43 inches

Type: Counter balance, countermarche

Weaving width: 40 inches

Number of harnesses: 10

Number of treadles: 10

Includes: Loom bench, 12 dent reed, texsolv heddles, instruction books, floating foot Holders (4).

Description: Loom purchased new, never used; excellent like new condition. Asking $3000.

Contact information: Debbie

ideal 100 cm



160cm, 63 inch Standard loom,

horizontal countermarch, includes double warp beam. Age: from sometime in the mid 70s to early 80s, located in New York $3,000

It is in great condition, though the finish is faded.

email and we will forward contact information to the seller.

priest loom 1

priest loom 2


For sale: Glimakra loom 54 inch NY

I purchased from Sweden in the late 70’s. It was
only lightly used for a few projects.
Bench is included
Price: $2200
Weaving width: 54″
8 harness 10 treadle Swedish counterbalance loom with hand-tied heddles.
Many accessories are included: Reeds, warping board, umbrella swift,
shuttles, bobbin winder, lease sticks, lams, wool, and more. Also includes:

Books: A Handweavers Pattern Book
Weaving with Foot-Powered Looms

Purchaser is responsible for shipping. I am in Rockland County, NY.

64” Glimakra Loom in Ely MN

Excellent condition

Purchased in 1984 – one owner

12 harness

Protection Board


3 Reeds – 6, 10 and 12

2 Lease sticks

2 Ski Shuttles

Texsolv heddles

Stretcher Bars – different widths



160 cm 12 harness


Glimakra Regina Tapestry/Rug Loom in Jackson, MS

In perfect condition with original Glimakra bench. I purchased from
weaving instructor in 2010. I have treated it as fine furniture and it
has been the start of many conversations with visiting friends. They
loved to sit down and do a little tapestry weaving for first time!It
will weave 60” wide. Currently warped up at 37”.

Includes 6 and 8 dent reeds, built-in warping board on back, six hinged
treadles, accessory shelf, packing sticks, texsolv heddles and lots of
yarn and warp cord. 74″wx77″hx47″d. $1500. Pickup in Jackson, MS but I
could ship if you cover cost. For more information
email We could also Face Time if you want to see in operation or more of loom.


For Sale: $1800, 150 cm/59 in Glimakra

For Sale: $1800, 150 cm/59 in Glimakra 10 shaft/12 treadle Standard horizontal countermarch/counterbalance loom. Loom probably dates from the early 80’s. Originally counterbalance and still has everything original to it. The loom has full-length lower lamms and all texsolv cords and heddles.
Included is the 49” bench, three full length carbon steel reeds (8,10, & 12 dents), a basic metric raddle, shaft pins – both 4 shaft and 10 shaft, and all equipment original to the loom – lease sticks, etc.
With careful packing, we can transport the loom if desired. We live in northwest Arkansas and are willing to transport it 5 to 6 hrs away, for example – Kansas City or Dallas. More pictures are available on request.
Contact Jill

Standard loom

Standard loom

47 inch Standard loom in Arizona

This is a Gimakra ‘Standard’, 47″, 8 shaft, 10 treadle, set up with

texsolve heddles & tie-up, sectional beam and bench. Other

accesories are available and negotiable. It has been well loved,

tended and it feels like dancing while weaving on this loom. It is

my all time favorite. I am selling this loom because of injuries

resulting from a driver who didn’t see a red light….and because

it’s too wonderful a loom not to be used.

The loom is about 10 years old and is here in Scottsdale, Arizona a

suburb of Phoenix. You can reach me at (480) or by email at .


Glimakra Ideal Loom 36 inch 4 harness $900 NEW PHOTOS

4 Harness, 6 treadle floor loom. Includes countermarche attachment and counterbalance. circa 1970. Good condition. Texslov tie-ups and heddles. Easy to assemble/disassemble. (include beater, reed, everything needed even though not seen in picture) More information on request. This loom is part of an estate and we are eager to sell.

This loom along with other tools and supplies, can be seen at Island Pride Garden Company on rte 2 in Hunter River, Prince Edward Island

Contact Ann or John at



8 harness Glimakra loom for sale!

Glimakra “4 now-4 later” countermarche Standard model, 43″ weaving
width. Single owner, purchased in 1986.
Comes complete with all accessories, including extra Texolv heddles,
cords, pegs, lease sticks and assembly documentation.
10 pedals. Includes adjustable Glimakra bench and 5 reeds: 6-8-10-12-15
for all your weaving needs.
$1800. Buyer transport.
Port Angeles WA


Glimakra Regina Tapestry/Rug Loom in Presque Isle Wisconsin

This loom is no longer made but always sought after. In great condition with light use. Includes 6 dent reed, mallet, packing sticks, texsolve heddle. 74″wx77″hx47″d, 2 harness with added custom conversion to 4 harness. Asking $1400. Pickup in Wisconsin, could be shipped at buyers expense. Manual is included.
for more information email


sought after…Regina 60″ Tapestry Loom For Sale – $1,950

Purchased new, kept inside, and lovingly used by little old lady.

Comes with:

Assembly Instructions

2 Reeds – Sizes 6 & 10

Warping pegs

Warping Instructions

6 Hinged Treadles

Accessory Shelf

Warping or Beaming Sticks

‘How To’ VHS tape

and more

Loom is located outside of Sacramento, CA in County. Please

email for more

information. Shipping is not included.





60″ Gilmakra Countermarche Loom – $2300
60″ Gilmakra Countermarche

Sectional Warp Beam

Fly Shuttle Beater

10 harness

10 treadle

Tensioner Box

Extra reeds

Electric Bobbin Winder

Extra Texslov heddles, cord, and connectors

Lots of lease sticks and shuttles

This is a one-owner loom and was used for 20+ years to make rugs,

tablecloths, placemats, shawls, and fabric for an extended family. The

sectional warp beam makes it easier to dress the loom and to manage a

long warp. The fly shuttle beater means you can quickly weave a wide

fabric with ease.

Being a Swedish designed loom you know it is heavy duty, sturdy, yet

easy to assemble using wood wedges to keep the frame tight and secure

even when temperature and humidity changes throughout the year.

The loom is located in Northern California, near Chico.

For more information please contact Jaci at s@yahoo.com150cm front


s o l d

Glimakra Standard CM Loom 120cm (complete with assembly instructions) * Horizontal countermarch 120cm

Located in Sydney Australia
* Warping Board
* 2x Shuttle Nr 23
* 2x Rugstick 50cm
* Tie up kit horizontal
Beam Cord 40m
* Heddle No 18 280×12
* Bobbin Winder
* Reed 40-10-120 Stainless Steel
* Reed 60-10-120 Stainless Steel
* Raddle 120cm
* 4x Heddlesticks 120cm
* 4x Lams 120cm
Double WB 150cm
* Right hand Main Frame Hogergavel
The loom is in excellent condition and is currently fully assembled. It

was purchased in 1990 directly from Sweden. The asking price is AUD2,800

for everything, not including postage and handling.

Email: evaPhone: +
The loom is located on the Northern Beaches in Sydney, Australia.

Standard Loom
Standard loom in Sydney Australia


Glimarkra Standard Countermarch Loom with Bench

54 inch (135 cm), 8 shafts/10 treadles

Purchased 1986, original owner–excellent condition
Texsolv heddles with additional number, Texsolv tie-up cords and
includes the following accessories:

Original instruction books
3 reeds: 8 and 12 dent 60”, 10 dent 54”
60” raddle for warping
2 Lease sticks
Warping sticks 35 @ 53” long, 36@ 23” long
Warping Reel: gives 2 yards per rotation can hold 22 foot long warp
Table Swift
Ball winder
Bobbin winder with 2 dozen plus bobbins
Shuttles: 5 stick, 3 ski, 2 rag

Handweaver’s Pattern Book by M. Davidson
A Rug Weaver’s Source Book
Warp/Weft/Sett by June Beveridge

Located in NW Wisconsin near Minneapolis, Minnesota
Price: $ 2,800
Shipping or pick up is the responsibility of the purchaser
Please email inquiries

(8/26/13 )


Glimakra Standard 47″ Countermarch Loom in California

Purchased new in 2003 from Becky’s Vav Stuga in MA.
Lightly used, like new
Footprint – 51″ wide x 54″ long
Beam: 120 cm (47.5″),
Horizontal Countermarch,10 harnesses, 10 treadles
Reeds – 8 dpi and 16 dpi dent – 47.5″ long
All parts including lease sticks and release lever
Loom bench (9″ wide x 42″ long)
Shuttles – misc. for thick wools and fine threads
All Texsov tie-up using B. Ashenden system with knitting needles to attach lams to treadles

Instruction Manuals:
The Glimakra Loom Owner’s Manual and Assembly Instructions
Swedish Loom Manual by Rebecca Ashenden
Tying Up the Countermarch Loom by Joanne Hall

There’s a 10 yd linen warp all set on the back beam. I know that it would take me a year at least to sley it and weave it. It is included in this sale. I’d be happy to help you take it off and preserve it for later use.
Rug wools, misc colors
Linen of various sizes and colors
Cottons, silks, blends, synthetics too numerous to list


negotiable if some of the items offered are not purchased



110 cm, (43.25 inches)
10 harness, 10 treddle
5 dent and 6 dent per cm reeds
3 doz. Warp beam sticks
Lease sticks
Rug shuttles
Extra heddles
Price: $2500.

Contact .
Phone: 952
Loom is located in the Minneapolis, MN area.

100 cm standard loom


Located in Sacramento, California
Contact Karen
This loom is about 30-35 years old. It is a dream to weave. I bought
it from a production weaver in the mountains of central Alaska in the
late 90s. It is in excellent working condition. The finish is in fair
to good condition, considering it is 30 years old and spent many years
in an Alaska cabin. Asking $1,500. Pick up or shipping is
responsibility of buyer.

8 harnesses,10 treadles
40 warp sticks
2 lease sticks
1 protection board
2 shaft holders
4 Rubber feet
4 Stadig (loom stabilizers)
Counter balance equipment
wood mallet
1 temple: 40-66″
3 reeds: 59″/12 dpi; 59″/10 dpi; 49″/8dpi
1 adjustable bench: 46 1/2″ long
Texsolv heddles
Cotter pins
Also included if desired: Warping reel (not Glimakra)

150 cm or 59″ Standard


Standard loom 40″ (100 cm) Counterbalance floor loom in New Mexico
Comes with texsolv heddles, bench, and many extras (warping board, mallet, etc.). Loom was purchased used in 1980, and at the time had been used very little. I used it for approximately 2-3 years VERY LITTLE and has been in dry storage for 20+ years. There is some water damage to the foot of one side frame. Reed may need to be replaced as the framing part has come undone. Photos available upon request. $1800 /obo. Contact:


IDEAL LOOM with horizontal countermarche

Ideal loom with horizontal countermarche and four shafts, six treadles, 40″ (100 cm) weaving width. Includes bench and accessories (please see attached photo). Loom purchased in 1980’s, lightly used, wrapped and put in storage for 20 years. Excellent condition. $1800, does not include shipping from Idaho. Please email


Glimakra Floor Loom that was made in Sweden. Asking $4000. All parts and tools are included along with wool yarn. The loom has only been used a couple times. Looks brand new, nothing is missing or broken, just have no time to use the loom any longer. You can make saddle blankets, rugs, and many other things. The item is a Standard loom, 120 cm, 4X6 counterbalance that includes the bench, book, and dvd. Also items that come with the loom are 24-36 in. Temple, wood with metal teeth, 25in ski shuttle, a floor reel with a 10ft circumference, and also includes reeds. The day it was purchased was 9/4/2008. The original cost was $4537.

Take a look several photos of this great loom.

standard counterbalance



2 1 Loom for sale by the Tuscon Handweavers and Spinners Guild in AZ

After the passing of a longtime Guild member, we would like to sell these 2 1 looms to enhance our member’s Memorial Fund.

Glimakra Standard 54 inch Countermarch

54″ Standard loom 8×10

This beautiful loom is 54 inches wide and creates a 5′ x 5′ footprint. The loom has 8 shafts and 10 treadles, Texsolv heddles and comes with lease sticks, 2 reeds, a raddle, release lever, a mallet and a flashdrive with complete assembly directions. The loom is ready to ship at the buyer’s expense. Asking $1400 or OBO

Glimakra Regina Tapestry/Rug Loom

This beautiful loom is 66″ wide and 72″ high. It has 2 shafts, 3 sets of treadles, a beater with reed, aluminum beam covers and Texsolv heddles. The loom is fully assembled and has a wide rug warp and is “ready to go”.
Asking $1200 or OBO
Contact Lura at

Regina Tapestry loom

the Glimakra 35 Inch (90cm) Ideal Floor Loom

This is a 35inch 4 harness 6 treadle loom purchased in the 1970’s. It
has been used once. Included are both countermarche and counterbalance attachments, attached
warping board, warping sticks, and reeds.

Located in Michigan. $1700.00

Please Contact me via Email at:

35 inch– 90 cm Ideal #2


1970-80’s Glimakra 59″ Standard Floor Loom, Door County WI

Countermarch/counterbalance, four harness, six treadles, original cotton
heddles, all parts included. Parts available from Glimakra for texsolve
heddle kits and shafts and treadles to make into an 8 harness.
24 warp sticks, lease sticks, assorted shuttles, books, warping board, spool
holder, stretchers etc.
The two largest side pieces are 53×64″ and the beater is 69″. The biggest
bench piece is 48″ (the seat) so all can be moved with a passenger van.
All bundled and ready to go. $1300.
Pick up in Creek, WI. , to discuss, make

Glimakra Standard Countermarch Loom 150 cm [60 inch] 10 shafts / 12 treadles Double back beam

Original purchased 1984-original owner excellent condition
original manuals and all original heddles, lease sticks, etc… included
46″ adjustable bench
5 reeds – 6/10/12 dents – 45″ and 8/15 dents – 60″
Umbrella swift
Tension box
Ball winder
Bobbin winders
Weaving books:
Introduction to Multishaft Weaving by Kathryn Wertenberger,
Rug Weaving Techniques by Peter Collingwood,
Tapestry Weaving by Nancy Harvey,
the Techniques of Rug Weaving by Peter Collingwood,
A Handweaver’s Patternbook by Marguerite Davison,
Learning to Weave by Deborah Chandler.
Misc yarn

Located in Denver, Colorado

Price: $3200 shipping or pick up is the responsibility of the purchaser
Please email inquires to:


IDEAL 100 cm (40 inch) with 6 shafts and 8 treadles- horizonatl countermarch

Loom belongs to a relative’s estate and now needs a good home. Very lightly used.
Beautiful condition. Check out the photos.
Includes owner’s manual, video instruction, weaving book, partial warping rack, 3 shuttles (boat), 3 reeds and bench. (Please see photos.)
Asking $1950. Does not include shipping from Minnesota (Twin Cities area). Please email



Location: Greater Denver Area (Denver, CO, USA)


Loom has 12 treadles, 10 shafts (expandable to 12), sectional beam and tension box, adjustable bench, wooden mallet to assemble the loom, four reeds (8, 10, 12, 15 dent reeds), Texsolv heddles and all original instructions. Only two owners: my weaving instructor and me.

$2,000. Shipping and packing not included. Pick-up in Lakewood, CO.
E-Mail: Peggy at

Glimakra Standard Countermarch Loom 47 inch.

Overhead beater, 8 shafts,10 treadles. Bench, warping board, 2 reeds, lease sticks , shuttle,
hanging tool shelf, extra texsolv heddles, books, yarn and complete
instructions. Original owner and purchased mid 80’s. Very good
condition. $2,500. plus shipping, or pick-up in N. Texas.


For details about the use of this loom, please see the listing of new band looms on this website.

A Glimakra Band loom
This loom is new and has never been used. I purchased it a couple of years ago and assembled it, but was never able to use it. The wood came unfinished, so I clear-coated it with two coats of a satin
polyurethane. In addition, I increased the size of the slot for the uprights so they would work more smoothly.

INCLUDES: All items sent with a new loom; loom will come partially assembled.

LOCATION: Southwest Washington State

SHIPPING: Approx. 15 lbs.; will use your preferred carrier; I will pay 50% of shipping costs for basic service or the equivalent towards expedited shipping if that is your preference. If you live in Western Washington, I will meet you half-way for pick-up.

PAYMENT: Cash by certified check; loom will ship within 24 hours of receiving check. PayPal: I have an account, so moneys can be transferred this way; however, I need to add a 10% surcharge to cover those fees.

COST: $285.00




Includes 1 AVL shuttle(suitable for 350 chenille (thick)) and 6 wooden bobbins. New I think it would cost approx.$1,800 (if it was available, but it’s not)

$750 plus shipping. Located in Albuquerque NM


Glimakra Gobelin Tapestry Loom — Ohio

Glimakra Gobelin Tapestry Loom

40″ wide upright tapestry loom – in excellent condition.
Everything appears to be here.
$350 plus shipping – or pick up near Cincinnati OH


>GREAT OFFER: Like new! Rarely used Glimakra 59″ (150cm) Standard Countermarch loom. Includes warp board, two large boxes of yarn, instruction book, other documentation.

– 8 shaft and 10 treadles

– Sectional beam

– 12 dent reed

– Lease sticks

– Paperwork for tie-up and loom information

– Heddles and tie-ups

– original bench

– Extra heddles, tie-up ropes, assorted extra parts
Retails new for $5,800. We need the room – new grandchild – so it’s gotta go! Sacrifice for $1,900. OBO. Shipping is the responsibility of the purchaser. Located in Lawrence, Kansas. Contact(dot) com.

Glimakra REGINA TAPESTRY LOOM– take a look

Used Regina tapestry loom with extra reeds and items. Contact me for further details. Salt Lake City area.

Glimakra Regina tapestry loom

Reeds and extras


USED 54″ Countermarch Glimakra Swedish Loom –great price SOLD

Greater Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky

USED 54″ Countermarch Glimakra Swedish Loom for sale by owner contact $1500 plus freight .
Pictures are available

my loom

my loom 2

updated 6/18/12



~ Sectional Beam
~ 8 Shafts – 10 Treadles
~ 6 Dent and 8 Dent Reeds
~ Packing Sticks and Lease Sticks
~ Paperwork for Tie-up and Loom Information
~ Texsolv Heddles & Tie-ups
~ 46″ Matching Adjustable Bench
~ Extra Texsolv Heddles, Tie-up Rope, Wooden Hammer, Assorted Extra Parts
~ LaClerc Tension Box
~ Spool Rack

Loom is clean and in very good to excellent condition. Great high
tension because of the heavy metal ratchet brakes. My favorite feature
was the overhead beater that can be moved toward the back of the loom as
you weave to allow as much weaving as possible before having to advance
the warp. Loom has been unused, covered and stored on the main floor of
our non-smoking home for the last 7-8 years. More pictures available.

Prefer buyer see the loom and pick up in Wausau, Wisconsin but we would
consider delivering within a reasonable distance with our travel expenses reimbursed.