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Loom and Equipment Terms

  • Pawl

    A catch device attached to the loom frame which falls to catch into a ratchet tooth to keep the ratchet from rotating.

  • Quill

    A paper or cardboard tube on which weft threads are wound for use in a boat shuttle.

  • Ratchet

    A toothed wheel placed at the end of cloth and warp beams which is held by a pawl to keep the beam from rotating.


    A long, flat, narrow piece of wood with nails or metal pins every 1/4″ or 2″, used to spread the warp evenly for beaming the warp onto the warp beam.


    A comb with both sides closed which fits into the beater. It spaces the warp threads evenly and beats the weft into place.

    Rising Shed

    A description of a shed on a loom where the shafts rise. jack loom.

  • Shaft

    A frame or two sticks with heddles which moves up and down to form sheds. Called a harness by some.

    Shuttle Race

    A horizontal beam in front of the reed, attached to the beater on which the fly shuttle glides. Jack looms also have shuttle races to support the shuttle, as the warp tension is looser than on other looms.

    Ski Shuttle

    A shuttle with upturned ends which is used for rug weaving. See a photo of a ski and rug shuttle.

    Sleying Hook

    A small flat tool with a hook used to pull the warp ends through the reed.

    Stick Shuttle (flat shuttle)

    A smooth flat stick to wind weft for weaving.


    An adjustable frame for holding a skein of yarn.

  • Temple (stretcher)

    Adjustable wooden or metal bar with sharp points placed on the woven web to keep the width constant and the sett the same across the web. To see a photo of a temple.

    Threading Hook

    A small tool with a thin narrow hook used to pull the warp ends through the heddle eyes.


    Foot petals used to move the shafts to make a shed.

  • Warping Board

    A frame with wooden pegs for measuring short warps.

    Warping Reel (mill)

    Large adjustable revolving frame for winding warps.