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    Large Glimakra Standard Horizontal Countermarch Loom - Good Condition

    Price: $2500

    Large Glimakra Standard Horizontal Countermarch Loom - Good Condition - $2500(NORTH BOULDER) This is a large Glimakra Standard Horizontal Loom (63 inch weaving width and ten by ten harnesses and treadles). I purchased the loom in Sweden and had the loom shipped to our home in Colorado. The overall total dimensions of the loom are 66 inches tall, 63 inches long and 76 inches wide. The loom weighs over 300 pounds (assembled and with the bench). The loom is currently in the basement of our home. The Glimakra loom will require disassembly and will require transportation to its new home. The disassembly, removal from the basement and transportation to the new location is the buyer's responsibility. Disassembly instructions are included with the loom and on-line video tapes are available (YouTube). Specifications Brand: Glimakra Type: Standard Horizontal Countermarch Country of Manufacture: Sweden Weaving Width: 63 Inches Harnesses and Treadles: 10 by 10 Four Reeds Included: 20/10, 30/10, 80/10,100/10 cm. Adjustable Height Bench: 46 inches wide Warp Sticks: Several Shuttles: Many

    Please contact me if you have any questions.


    Glimakra Standard loom, 120 cm, with Myrehed Combination Draw Loom

    Price: $$6300 plus shipping if you do not want to pick it up

    Glimakra Standard loom, 120 cm wide with Myrehed Combination Draw Loom
    Attachment. The Glimakra Standard Loom has 10 ground harnesses and all
    the pieces to do countermarch and counterbalance. The Myrehed
    Combination Draw Loom Attachment can do up to 50 pattern shafts (I have
    21 shafts) and also does single units at the same time. Also included
    is a 1 inch sectional beam that is homemade. It is easily removable if
    you want a smooth beam. You also get a custom made ergonomic bench by
    Walter Turpenning. The loom has all Texsolv heddles for both pattern
    and ground heddles. This loom has only had 3 warps on it. Kept in a
    nonsmoking house with no pets.

    Am willing to ship this loom but it is pricey! There is an alternative
    to shipping this loom. The weather and the golf in Scottsdale is
    great. My husband and I run a one bedroom bed and breakfast through Air
    BnB. We are willing to have a weaver and spouse or friend stay for a
    week for free. We can take the loom apart and take cell phone pictures
    so you will have a record of how to put the loom together.

    Asking $6300 plus shipping if you do not want to pick it up. This is
    10-20% less than a new loom.


    250cm Glimakra Sovereign

    Price: $2400

    8ft weaving width, 4 harness Glimakra Sovereign Loom. Sliding bench included and custom made spool rack (with the 10/2 gold brown poly warp that is left on it 870spools).

    History: This loom was made for a business, sold to a school, sold to a lady from Ohio that had it for at least 15 years and then I have owned it for 6 years. Pick up only. It is set up and in working condition, so would need to be taken down by buyer with help from seller. Beams are extremely heavy. We purchased from CO disassembled and hauled it back in a pickup.


    Kate McNutt Silver City, IA Email

    Glimakra 150cm (59”) Standard Countermarch Loom

    Price: $$3800.00

    10 shafts, 12 treadles Double warp beams, second beam has sectional warp attachments. Glimakra bench (42”) 2 raddles Reeds: sizes 8, 10, 12 Rubber foot pads, lease sticks, warping sticks 40” Glimakra temple Excellent condition, I am the second owner. Purchased new in 2007 or 2008.

    Located in Sagle, N Idaho




    Glimakra 160cm/63" for sale

    Price: $$2900

    10-Shafts, 10-Treadles Counterbalance, 10-Upper Lamms Original String Heddles, Shaft Supports, One Reed, Glimakra Free-Standing Bench, Built in Sweden between 1976-82. Very good condition but suggest replacing heddles, tie-ups, beam cords, etc. with new Texsolv. The loom is currently set up for viewing and must be picked up at our location in Greenfield, Ohio.


    Glimakra 200cm Sovereign

    Price: $2400.00

    200cm Glimakra Sovereign loom from 1980's including sliding bench and 3 reeds. Loom is loom dated in RIfor local pickup.


    please contact @ Email