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    Glimakra Standard loom, 120 cm, with Myrehed Combination Draw Loom

    Price: $$6300 plus shipping if you do not want to pick it up

    Glimakra Standard loom, 120 cm wide with Myrehed Combination Draw Loom
    Attachment. The Glimakra Standard Loom has 10 ground harnesses and all
    the pieces to do countermarch and counterbalance. The Myrehed
    Combination Draw Loom Attachment can do up to 50 pattern shafts (I have
    21 shafts) and also does single units at the same time. Also included
    is a 1 inch sectional beam that is homemade. It is easily removable if
    you want a smooth beam. You also get a custom made ergonomic bench by
    Walter Turpenning. The loom has all Texsolv heddles for both pattern
    and ground heddles. This loom has only had 3 warps on it. Kept in a
    nonsmoking house with no pets.

    Am willing to ship this loom but it is pricey! There is an alternative
    to shipping this loom. The weather and the golf in Scottsdale is
    great. My husband and I run a one bedroom bed and breakfast through Air
    BnB. We are willing to have a weaver and spouse or friend stay for a
    week for free. We can take the loom apart and take cell phone pictures
    so you will have a record of how to put the loom together.

    Asking $6300 plus shipping if you do not want to pick it up. This is
    10-20% less than a new loom.


    Glimakra 160cm/63" for sale

    Price: $$2900

    10-Shafts, 10-Treadles Counterbalance, 10-Upper Lamms Original String Heddles, Shaft Supports, One Reed, Glimakra Free-Standing Bench, Built in Sweden between 1976-82. Very good condition but suggest replacing heddles, tie-ups, beam cords, etc. with new Texsolv. The loom is currently set up for viewing and must be picked up at our location in Greenfield, Ohio.


    Glimakra Countermarche Loom 160cm/63”

    Price: $$1950

    Glimakra Countermarche Loom 160cm/63”

    Description: 10-Shafts, 10-Treadles, 10-Upper, Lower Lamms, One Reed, Free-Standing Bench. Good condition, built in 70s. 2 shafts have Texsolv heddles, beam cords, and tie ups have been replaced with Texsolv. The other shafts have original string heddles. The loom is currently disassembled, can be picked up in Los Angeles, CA, or will consider shipping at buyer’s expense.


    Tara Email

    Glimakra Standard Countermarch Loom 63" (160 cm)

    Price: $$2,500

    Purchased new in early 1980s, used lightly until late 1990s, in storage disassembled since then, 8 shafts, fly shuttle, complete set of Texlov heddles, bobbin winder, bench, several shuttles. One owner, all parts, perfect working condition. Available for pickup in Chevy Chase Maryland.


    Glimakra Ideal Loom

    Price: $2000.00

    Loom was purchased around 1980 and used by my wife till about 2000. It has been set up for counterbalance but has Countermarch legs. Many many accessories to do everything. Wool and many books and periodicals as well. Loom is partially assembled. Will need to pick up. A Inca loom and a Rigid heddle table top loom also included. Perfect to start a weaving class.


    110cm/44" Standard Countermarch

    Price: $5,000.00

    110cm/44" Standard Countermarch (early 90's), 10 Harness (current setup 8) 10 Treadle. Bench Included. Sectional warp setup (current/dual), 5 Reeds (4,6,8,10,12). Custom maple swivel 72 spool rack (extra spools included). AVL accessories include - tension box, bobbin/pern winder, 3 shuttles, perns . Additional accessories - temple/spreader, variety of hand shuttles, new texsolv tie-up cording, 2 auto-dent reeds.

    Located - SW Washington State for local pick-up. Can deliver within 150 mile radius for additional fee.


    Nancy Email

    Glimakra 350cm (138")

    Price: $$2000

    4H Floor Loom. Improvements: Air Power, Metal Harnesses and Heddles, Electric Motor on Thread Beam. Weave fine tapestry or thick wool rugs & saddle blankets. Air Power on the overhead beater, no effort, faster, tighter rug. 9.5" high, 6 dent reed. Bigger shed = bigger shuttles. Harnesses and Heddles all metal, air lifted. Faster - no clumsy treadles. No retying treadles. No awkward gymnastics trying to hold a treadle down while throwing a shuttle when weaving a 10' wide rug. Harnesses are independently raised - each raised by its own air cylinder creating balanced or unbalanced weave patterns. 2" sectional warp beam. No reel mess. Rakes can be removed if smooth beam is preferred. Electric motor with foot switch on warp beam; no hand cranking. Solo weaving and warp up. No waiting for help to arrive. One switch on the front breast beam operates air power on all four locking brakes. No walk-around to lift, advance, lower brakes to advance cloth every few inches. Produces a better rug than looms many times the price, no clumsy treadles or weak beams that bend under tension. A Glimakra loom is massive and well-constructed with 6" diameter steel beams all around. Easily disassembled and reassembled - we did it twice.


    10S10T Glimakra 120cm Standard Loom

    Price: $2000 OBO

    This is an older Standard, 47" weaving width that was originally a 4S 4T loom that is now a 10S 10T loom. I purchased new shaft & treadle tie up cords, 6 new shaft frames, 10 new upper lams, 6 lower lams, 6 new treadles,new Texslov heddles. I am including 2 reeds, 2 different shaft holders, custom raddle, Le Clerc spool holder, lease sticks. This loom comes with a segmented back beam. Contact me for any questions.
    Located in Sun City West, AZ.


    Angelina Claudon EMAIL

    Glimakra Standard Loom 47"

    Price: $3,000

    My mother purchased this standard loom new in 2007 and had been using it gently to make rag rugs until recently. She has cared for it very well, so it is in excellent condition and in a smoke-free home. It is set up as a countermarch loom and features an on-the-loom warping frame, an 8" reed, Texsolv heddles, and all paperwork and instructions. The bench is included.

    The following books are also included: Rag Rug Handbook Glimakra Looms by Joanne Hall Tying Up the Countermarch Loom by Joanne Hall Favorite Rag Rugs by Tina Ignell Mastering Weave Structures by Sharon Alderman The Handweaver's Pattern Directory by Anne Dixon Simple Weaves How to Make Rugs by Candace Wheeler Learning to Weave by Deborah Chandler and Weaving Rag Rugs: Dress Your Loom the Swedish Way

    Also comes with around 30 pounds of wool weaving materials and some Swedish warping thread!

    Loom is currently set up at my mother's house in Jamestown, TN. We will disassemble the loom in the next few weeks for a move to Maryville, TN, and I am glad to drive to meet a buyer within a reasonable distance.

    Please contact me by email with any questions!


    Melissa Field EMAIL or text me at PHONE