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Borgs Estate Sale Yarn

8/2 Cotton, 16/2 Cotton, and Cottolin 8.8oz spools  $10.00 each

24/2 and 30/2 Cotton 8.8oz Spools $15.00 each

12/6 Cotton 17.6oz Spools $20.00 each

Strangarn Cotton Mini and Midi Spools 8.8oz $10.00 each

Strangarn Cotton Maxi Spools 2lb $30.00 each

Free shipping on orders over $200.

Limited Availability

Call 541-246-8679 to order

Strangarn Mini 

Approx 270 yards

Strangarn Midi

Approx 135 yards

Strangarn Maxi

Approx 270 Yards

12/6 Cotton

8/2 Un-mercerized Cotton

8/2 Mercerized Cotton

16/2 Un-mercerized Cotton

16/2 Mercerized Cotton


24/2 Cotton

30/2 Cotton

We recommend checking with your nearest fiber arts retailer, a listing is available on our website. We are grateful for the shops nationwide which carry our products and encourage you to support them as well. For those who wish to purchase direct and those without a retailer nearby, you are welcome to shop in our webstore

Your retail supplier should be able to answer questions about our products, however we are available to help as needed.

Metric Reeds image

Metric Reeds

Metric Reed available in limited quantities and fixed sizes.

These reeds are sold as is and cannot be resized.


Metric Reeds

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