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Weaving with Long Eyed Heddles OUT OF STOCK image

Weaving with Long Eyed Heddles OUT OF STOCK

Weaving with Long Eyed Heddles by Joanne Hall

Welcome to weaving with long eyed heddles. You are about to experience a fun and practical way to weave patterns and to learn about drawloom weaving. The combination of long eyed heddles and half heddle sticks is used to weave patterns which are commonly woven on a drawloom. And you can weave these patterns on an ordinary floor loom. If you have a drawloom, you can use these techniques for sampling and designing weaves for your drawloom.

Julia Drawloom image

Julia Drawloom

Introducing the Julia Drawloom Kit

A drawloom to fit any room

Add on to an existing Julia Countermarch Loom or buy them together.

Loom with Extension foot print is: 69" x 33"

Kit Includes:

Shaft Drawloom Attachment

Loom Extension

20 +1 Pattern Shafts

200 Weights

Shaft and Pattern Heddles not included

Shaft Heddles recommended 300/64

Pattern Heddles recommended 540/12

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Answers are a Click Away

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