Weaving with Rags

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Weaving with Rags

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Why make cloth from cloth? Rag weaving is fast, fun, and offers amazing opportunities to play with color and design. Everyone loves rag rugs, but you can also make rags into other home decor items, sturdy bags, even fashion accessories like sakiori silk scarves. In this video, master weaver Tom Knisely teaches you how to design and weave rag projects for every purpose, using both purchased and recycled fabric, and how the interaction of yarn and cloth can create gorgeous results.

In this video, you'll learn:

  • The best materials for rag weaving, from purchased yardage to recycled silk scarves and blue jeans
  • How to plan rag weaving projects to get the pattern and color effects you want
  • How to prepare fabric strips for weaving
  • Tips for success, from smooth weft joins to good warp color choices
  • Hems and other finishing techniques for rag fabrics

Come along as Tom introduces you to the joy and surprises of rag weaving. You'll have a ripping good time turning your rags into handwoven riches.