Weaving on the Julia

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Weaving on the Julia

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This instructional DVD is perfect for the first time weaver or even a weaver who is trying out a new loom. You will learn the steps all the way from assembling the loom to removing the weaving from the loom and finishing it, and then some. At the end you will be ready to move on to more advanced projects!

You'll learn how to:

* Assemble the loom
* Prepare the loom for weaving
* Wind the warp and put it on the loom
* Thread the heddles
* Sley the reed
* Tie the warp to the front beam
* Make a counterbalance tie up
* Check for problems
* Wind a shuttle
* Weave a project
* Remove the weaving from the loom and finish it
* Use a temple
* Move on to more advanced projects

Many of these techniques will also be helpful to beginning weavers on other looms, particularly counterbalance styles. and Folk Arts

By: Becky Ashenden