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Natural Dyes

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This new book is a manual for the textile artist who wants to avoid the strong chemicals of industrial dyeing, sustain natural plant sources, and achieve the expected results. Good, clear information for handling the material to be dyed, the dye stuff, and the peripheral chemicals and tools for a successful dye project fill the first sections. The main content of the manual are the full-page color swatch wrappings opposite a page of simple recipes for each swatch based on the information from the first section. The swatches are presented in color groups and fiber type: animal fibers, cotton (plant) fibers. Experienced dyers will find this layout very clear and usable. Beginner dyers will find plenty of inspiration for learning the techniques and achieving the desired colors. This would be a great starting point for a guild work group.

Gwen Fereday
ISBN-13: 9781893063075
ISBN-10: 1893063070
Category: Dyeing
Cover: Hardcover
Pages: 104
Size: 8" x 8"