Learning Warping Equipment

Warping boards or frames are less expensive and more portable than reels, but reels will make much longer warps, are more comfortable and less tiring to use. The reels will also wind a longer warp more accurately and much faster. Both can be taken apart for storage and have removable dowels for ease of taking the warp off.
Reels are free standing and are either placed on a low table or on the floor. They are a three dimensional frame with four sections and are turned on a central metal pipe for winding the warp. The turning is very smooth and requires only a gentle push. They are usually from 2 to 4 yards or meters around and fold to take less space when not in use. A cross piece for winding the cross is removable and the dowel at the other end has many possible positions. So, a warp of any length can be made. A second cross piece is available for making a second cross. For most weaving one cross is sufficient, but sometimes the second cross is used for making warps double length so that two bouts can be wound at the same time. For winding a warp with 2, 3 or more threads at a time, the reel will be easier to use than a warping board.

Warping boards [frames] are usually 1 yard square and are most comfortable if mounted on a wall. It should be at eye level so that you can see any mistakes when they happen. It is easy to skip a dowel or reverse the direction of the thread on the wrong dowel. Reels prevent these kinds of mistakes, as they spin around until you reach the end. If you purchase a large reel, you can still make short warps on it.

The number of yards you can wind is determined by how close together the revolutions are. So the number of yards possible is relative. When the revolutions are closer together, you may need to wind more slowly. The table reel can wind up to a 30 yard warp. The floor model can wind a 60 yard warp.

Spool Holder

The spool holder will hold up to 12 spools of thread for winding your warp. It is 38 1/2" tall, and has screw eyes on the top so that the spools unwind smoothly.

Glimakra also makes and we sell a two spool holder. These are very simple and useful if you need a smaller and less expensive item. Contact us for details and further information.

Umbrella Swifts

Umbrella Swifts are made from birch, in two sizes, the regular size which holds skeins up to 72" around, and the large swift which holds skeins up to 100" around. They are constructed and finnished to get the most appropriate surface for the yarn

These are the original Swedish made swifts and not an imitation.

The ball winder is used for making balls of yarn.


Many weavers use the loom reed to spread the warp to it's full width for beaming their warp. You can also use a raddle to spread the warp out. Raddle spaces should be less than one inch. It is not recommended to use raddles with 1" spaces without lease sticks, as the threads tend to bunch up and not lie smooth for the beaming the warp.

Some other items

Reed holders are useful when sleying the reed. They hold the reed upright for easier access. The long style reed holder will also hold lease sticks, as shown in the the photograph.

A cord threader is useful in tying up the loom but also serves well to thread rigid hedddle looms. They are like large neddle threaders.

Sley hooks are used to thread or sley reeds.