Glimakra Drawlooms

If you want to have a lot of fun making designs and patterns, try weaving on a drawloom. 

A drawloom is a frame which sits on the top of your loom. It adds a second harness of shafts called pattern shafts. These give you pattern capability beyond what you can get with any other type of loom, more pattern capability than you can get with a computer operated loom. You can change your pattern at any time to something completely new, weave in your name or an image and you can weave different designs without changing the threading or the tie-up. We stock drawlooms for weaving widths from 39" (100cm) to 63" (160cm). Height is 77 inches on the right side.

There are several ‘types’ of drawlooms. It is best to contact us directly to discuss drawlooms.

To read even more about drawlooms, FAQ.