Block Weaves: Designing and Weaving with Blocks

Block Weaves: Designing and Weaving with Blocks | DVDs

Block Weaves: Designing and Weaving with Blocks

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Unlock a new world of weaving design with Madelyn van der Hoogt in this comprehensive two-hour video workshop on block weaves! 

When you understand block weaves, you hold the key to a world of exciting weaving possibilities. In this video, former Handwoven editor and owner of The Weavers School, Madelyn van der Hoogt offers an extensive look at this weave design.

Madelyn will show you:

*The basics of block weaves, how the patterns work, and how one pattern looks in various weave structures
*How to read block weave drafts, taking care to look at many weave structuresí tie-up and treadling patterns
*Various weave structures on the loom as she gives helpful hints to successfully weave a design
*How to design your own block weaves on paper or with a computer software and create an infinite number of designs by combining color, pattern, and weave structure
*And much more

Madelyn takes a look at several weave structures that can be used to create block weaves, such as summer and winter, turned twill, warp rep, Bronson lace, doubleweave, and many more.

Along with Madelynís video workshop, you will get a printable booklet on block weaves, complete with planning exercises, reference materials, and block-weaving ideas. The key to weaving freedom is in your hands!

Block Weaves is available as a 2-disc DVD set, a standard definition download, or a high definition download.

Full title: Block Weaves: Designing and Weaving with Blocks
By: Madelyn van der Hoogt
Stock#: 27431
ISBN-13: 9781596686588
ISBN-10: 1596686588
Publisher: Interweave Press