4x4 Set

4x4 Set | Runlock

4x4 Set

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The 4x4 set

The perfect combination of strength and flexibility for vehicles. No 20 is the heavy duty tool, perfect for towing or heavy dragging, its ability to stretch minimizes the risk of snatching back or breaking. No 8 is the all-round tool for securing cargo or hanging gear in the garage or camp. An indispensable set for the active off road petrol head!

16' No 20

  • No 2o is the strongest Runlock available, perfect for towing
  • Easy to extend and adjust
  • Conect and disconect in seconds
  • Soft Polyester will not scratch your vechicle
  • Will not get stuck or jam under heavy load

16' No 8

  • Light weight and easy to handle
  • Perfect to tie down your cargo
  • Wash in machine at 104 degrees
  • No chains or hooks that can scratch your vechicle
  • Black and fluorescent orange clearly visible