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Loom and Equipment Terms

  • The Runlock Pro series is the all-round choice for professionals and high volume users. Create fixed grips, snares or locks quickly,or extend by joining ropes together. Connect carabiners or other tools and adjust the length in an instant.

    Avaliable in 6 colors.

    32.5 feet, strength 1500lbs, 34% stretch, 0.8 oz per foot. 

  • Easy to set up and place on the counter. Containing 24 rolls of 11.5 foot #8 this box is suitable for stores and wholesalers. 4 Colors are included in each box.

    The #8 line has a strength of 625lbs and is a perfect tie down system for any truck trailer or suv. For those who are traveling by human power the entire line only weighs 3.5oz.