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List Your Used Loom

We list used Glimakra equipment and want ads for used Glimakra equipment for a small fee. The sale is strictly between the lister and purchaser. We don’t take part other than to provide the listing service. Write the listing, giving the description of the loom, accessories included, approx. age, price, your contact information and provide a digital photo. Buyers contact you directly. We are not involved in the sale nor transaction other than listing the item for you. We will answer any questions about Glimakra looms if interested parties call us. Buyers contact the seller directly. If you wish to be contacted by email, we can, if you wish, ‘cloak’ the address so that spammers can not as readily get your email address. The listing is for 2 years unless sold earlier. Please contact us when a loom sells. Listings are $50, pre-paid.

You can browse the Current Used Loom Listing page as well as an archive of prior sales for comparison. You can also view our explanatory information For the Used Loom Seeker about older models, discontinued models, etc.

  • Glimakra Ideal 100cm Loom This 1986 loom with 6 heddles and 6 treadles needs a new home. It was...