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    Glimakra Standard loom, 120 cm, with Myrehed Combination Draw Loom

    Price: $$6300 plus shipping if you do not want to pick it up

    Glimakra Standard loom, 120 cm wide with Myrehed Combination Draw Loom
    Attachment. The Glimakra Standard Loom has 10 ground harnesses and all
    the pieces to do countermarch and counterbalance. The Myrehed
    Combination Draw Loom Attachment can do up to 50 pattern shafts (I have
    21 shafts) and also does single units at the same time. Also included
    is a 1 inch sectional beam that is homemade. It is easily removable if
    you want a smooth beam. You also get a custom made ergonomic bench by
    Walter Turpenning. The loom has all Texsolv heddles for both pattern
    and ground heddles. This loom has only had 3 warps on it. Kept in a
    nonsmoking house with no pets.

    Am willing to ship this loom but it is pricey! There is an alternative
    to shipping this loom. The weather and the golf in Scottsdale is
    great. My husband and I run a one bedroom bed and breakfast through Air
    BnB. We are willing to have a weaver and spouse or friend stay for a
    week for free. We can take the loom apart and take cell phone pictures
    so you will have a record of how to put the loom together.

    Asking $6300 plus shipping if you do not want to pick it up. This is
    10-20% less than a new loom.


    Glimakra 63″ (160 cm) standard counterbalance loom $2600

    Price: $$2600

    I have a beautiful Glimakra 63″ (160 cm) standard counterbalance loom
    that I would like to sell or trade. I acquired it in the late 1970s in
    Berea, Kentucky. The loom’s condition is excellent.

    If you wish to purchase it, we prefer for you either to pick it up here
    locally and save on shipping, or arrange shipping yourself at your
    expense, with our assistance. We are located in Asheville, North
    Carolina 28805.

    I’m looking for a smaller (39″- 47″) well-built countermarch loom and am willing to trade, with an
    adjustment made for differing values.


    Contact me

    100cm Vertical Countermarch Standard Loom

    Price: $3960.00

    For Sale: 39" (100cm) 10 X 10 vertical countermarch Standard loom with thin treadles - $3960 (20% off the retail price)

    This much loved loom has been on display in our Glimakra USA showroom for the past three years. It has been lightly used for demonstrations and weaving classes. It is a 10 shaft, 10 treadle loom in excellent condition and comes with all the accessories needed to get you started:

    -a 25" Glimakra bench

    -Texsolv tie-ups and heddles 

    -instruction booklets 

    -your choice of reed up to 15 dents per inch 

    -tie on bars 

    -lease sticks 

    -warp sticks 

    -shaft pins 

    -shaft holders 

    -cord threader 

    -sley hook 

    -shuttle with extra quills. 

    This loom is located at our Glimakra warehouse in Eugene, Oregon. We have Glimakra accessories and weaving equipment, as well as an assortment of yarns that can be purchased separately to be shipped with the loom.

    You are welcome to pick up the loom directly from our warehouse. Depending on the distance, we may also be able to arrange for delivery. For longer distances we can ship through our freight service, but the buyer must pay shipping costs. 

    Payment can be made upon pick up or online by square invoice. Please contact Glimakra USA directly if you would like to purchase this loom, or if you have any questions!


    Call 541-246-8679


    Email Glimakra USA

    Glimakra Draw loom

    Price: $$6500

    59 in. 10 shaft Glimakra Draw Loom. 50 shaft capacity. Includes all cords, long heddles, lingos, lease sticks, warping sticks, warp stick catcher, bench, bench basket, shaft holders, 8,12 and 20 dent reeds. Also includes horizontal lift set up from before I converted to a draw loom. Warping frame mounted on back. Buyer pick up. 10 pattern shafts and 10 ground shafts included.

    Located Near Calhan, CO.


    Valerie, Phone: 719-337-3292 or Email

    Glimakra Drawloom

    Price: $$3,800.00

    Drawloom weaving is so much fun! This loom has 10 ground shafts, 30 of 50 possible pattern shafts. Bench, 4 reeds (8 dent 48” long, 10 d 48”, 12 d 46”, &15 d 46.5"), beaming sticks, 33.5” pick up sword. Has all the weights, texsolve cords, etc, needed for use. We moved to a smaller place, so don't have the room for this loom. The basic frame dimensions are 4'5" front to back, extensions for draw loom are 541/4" long. Warp beam is 51.5" long. We are in Portland, Oregon.


    Glimakra floor loom

    Price: $

    Harrisville warping board still available

    Located North of Boston, MA


    Glimakra Ideal floor loom 100 cm (39 ) Excellent condition, one owner 6 treadles, 4 harness Beater Counterbalance with pulleys No reed Texsolv cord and heddles new Bench


    M.Graves, contact via email

    Used Glimakra 54" Countermarch Loom

    Price: $$2700

    54" standard countermarch loom purchased late 80's. 10 Harness, sectional back beam, adjustable Glimakra bench included. 8, 10 and 12 dent reeds, lease sticks. Loom is in good condition, works very well, but I no longer have room for it. Currently in Lancaster PA area.


    Contact Joy at Email or Phone