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    Glimakra Standard loom, 120 cm, with Myrehed Combination Draw Loom

    Price: $$6300 plus shipping if you do not want to pick it up

    Glimakra Standard loom, 120 cm wide with Myrehed Combination Draw Loom
    Attachment. The Glimakra Standard Loom has 10 ground harnesses and all
    the pieces to do countermarch and counterbalance. The Myrehed
    Combination Draw Loom Attachment can do up to 50 pattern shafts (I have
    21 shafts) and also does single units at the same time. Also included
    is a 1 inch sectional beam that is homemade. It is easily removable if
    you want a smooth beam. You also get a custom made ergonomic bench by
    Walter Turpenning. The loom has all Texsolv heddles for both pattern
    and ground heddles. This loom has only had 3 warps on it. Kept in a
    nonsmoking house with no pets.

    Am willing to ship this loom but it is pricey! There is an alternative
    to shipping this loom. The weather and the golf in Scottsdale is
    great. My husband and I run a one bedroom bed and breakfast through Air
    BnB. We are willing to have a weaver and spouse or friend stay for a
    week for free. We can take the loom apart and take cell phone pictures
    so you will have a record of how to put the loom together.

    Asking $6300 plus shipping if you do not want to pick it up. This is
    10-20% less than a new loom.


    Glimakra 160cm/63" for sale

    Price: $$2900

    10-Shafts, 10-Treadles Counterbalance, 10-Upper Lamms Original String Heddles, Shaft Supports, One Reed, Glimakra Free-Standing Bench, Built in Sweden between 1976-82. Very good condition but suggest replacing heddles, tie-ups, beam cords, etc. with new Texsolv. The loom is currently set up for viewing and must be picked up at our location in Greenfield, Ohio.


    Glimakra 200cm Sovereign

    Price: $2400.00

    200cm Glimakra Sovereign loom from 1980's including sliding bench and 3 reeds. Loom is located in Rhode Island, for local pickup.


    please contact @ Email

    50 shaft pattern drawloom

    Price: $$5500

    Glimakra countermarch with 59” weaving width, 10 shafts and Myrehed drawloom attachment for 50 pattern shafts. Weights are not the typical lingos but copper-clad steel, about ½ ounce each. The single unit portion of the drawloom has never been used. There are loom extensions, two back beams, bench, two reeds, and new Texsolv heddles including long eye heddles. My hobbies seem to be outreaching my time and space boundaries, so sadly I have decided to give up the drawloom.


    Susan Schmieman


    Glimakra Standard Countermarch Loom

    Price: $$5,000

    Vertical Countermarch Loom-120 cm wide. Has 10 harnesses and 10 treadles, 1" sectional back beam, all Texsolv heddles and cords, flying shuttle attachment, mounted warping board with pegs,glimakra bench with animal hide bench cover,Amish basket,3 reeds (6,8,10 dent),tie on bars, lease sticks, warp sticks, shaft pins and holders, cord threader ,Sley hook, nonskid feet,7 rag shuttles, 2 other shuttles, a metal temple ,a wooden temple and a Glimakra reed stand. I am no the original owner but I have all the Instruction Booklets. I believe the loom was purchased new in 2011. I've had the loom for the last 5-6 years and loved weaving on it.It has some small signs of use. It is in Very Good Condition . Kept in nonsmoking house with no pets. Currently it is set up and in working condition. Would need to be taken down with help from seller. We moved it in the back of a pick up. Local pick up only. Located in SW Colorado.


    53" Glimakra loom

    Price: $3,000.00

    53" weaving width (no longer made), 8 shaft, 10 pedal loom, double=-back beam. Comes with Glimakra bench with 2 hanging baskets, 3 reeds (10, 12,15 epi) and apparatus for assistans in creating a "perfect war". Also a hand-made warping board. Plenty of Texsolv cording as well. Wool yars included. Books on how to warp a Glimakra included.


    Parlin Meyer 305-942-9619 we live in mid-coast Maine.

    Glimåkra Standard Countermarch Loom, 135 cm

    Price: $3500

    The loom is in excellent condition. Included are: - 11 Reeds - Many Texsolv - 3 Templets - 6 Shuttles - 1 Bobbin Winder - 1 Warping Equipment - 1 Umbrella Swift - 1 Bench - Linen yarn - Weaving books (in Swedish)


    This loom was bought in Sweden in the early 1980s and used for about 10 years by my mother. It was moved to the US in 1990 and was only used for 3 more years. It has been in storage since. It is unassembled and has been stored in controlled dry space. The loom is not set up now. The stock image shows what it looks like.

    The loom is located in Hudson, MA for local pickup.


    email or call Lena on 978-500-0880

    Glimakra Ideal 100cm (39-inch) Horizontal Countermarch Floor Loom

    Price: $$3,670

    Glimakra Ideal 100cm (39-inch) Horizontal Countermarch Floor Loom Price: $3,670 (plus shipping if you do not want to pick it up in St Paul Minnesota). Significantly less cost than new with these listed additional accessories. Delivery within 150 miles of St. Paul may be arranged for a fuel fee. Can arrange to drop off at UPS - shipping at buyer’s expense. Setup not included. Originally purchased in 2002 directly at AB Gunnar Andersson’s Vävskedsfabrik in the village of Oxberg in Dalarna, Sweden. Very good condition. Standard Features: See photos. • Glimakra bench (~27″) • 6 Treadles (4 x 6 HCM) (Can take up to 10 treadles) • 1 Stainless steel reed (8 Dent) • 1 Boat-style shuttle • Countermarch, upper & lower Lamms • Misc. Texsolv tie-ups, heddles, and plastic pins • Misc. tie-on bars, lease sticks, warp sticks, jacks, sley hook, reed hook • 4 Rubber feet • Glimakra assembly instruction sheet • Loom Height ~ 63 inches • Loom Depth/Width ~ 48 x 45 inches • Weight ~ 260 lbs., plus additional accessories weight. Additional Accessories Included: See photos. • Glimakra florescent work light (loom mounted) • Custom floor loom shuttle/tool tray • 2 Additional stainless-steel reeds (10, and 12 Dent) • 4 Additional boat-style shuttles • Many flat stick shuttles – various sizes • 6 Wood temples – various sizes • Schacht Tapestry Beater – double ended • Vävstuga rigid heddle with pattern slots • Vävstuga reed holders (pair), paper quills • 4 Steady Loom feet • Warping frame with pegs (wall mount) not shown in photos • Umbrella Swift (loom mounted) • Ball Winder (Vävstuga)