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Kelly Marshall, designer and weaver, owner of Custom Woven Interior studio, shares her creative approach to producing functional works of art for the home in the versatile, richly texted Rep weave. Weavers, designers, and anyone who likes to decorate with fine textiles will find inspiration and practical advice in the volume, beautifully illustrated with photos ofMarshall’s contemporary designs as they used in their own home.

This stunning book features 18 projects including coordinated sets of textiles, multiple rugs, table runners and placements, pillows, throw blankets, curtains, upholstery and more.

Marshall provides weave drafts for her original designs, plus detailed weaving instructions for multiple projects on one warp. Kelly reveals her artistic process and gives tips for translating inspiration into textiles, designing for Rep weave, and using color and pattern to transform environments.

Full title: Custom Woven Interiors: Bringing Color and Design Home with Rep Weave 

By: Kelly Marshall 

Stock#: 26576 

ISBN-13: 9780985207106 

ISBN-10: 0985207108 

Cover: Hardcover 

Pages: 130 

Size (WxH): 10.5" x 8.5" 

Publisher: Custom Woven Interiors, Ltd.